Animated Narratives – Assignment 2, Pre-production

For our second assignment for animated narratives, we put ourselves into groups of 4-5 people to create a 3D animation based on the theme of nature. Our short 3D animation consists of two different mushrooms (an inky cap and an amanita), a venus flytrap, a snapdragon and a dracula orchid. Below is the pre-production of our animation.


The first storyboard is the storyboard I made to include Alex’s storyboard. The second storyboard is the storyboard that Charlotte Doran’s made. The last storyboard was the final version and is a combination of my storyboard and Charlotte’s storyboard. The last storyboard is the one we’re going to stick with and use as reference for our animatic, pre-vis and our actual animation down the line.

I did my best to include everyone’s characters in an effective way as well as effectively show off the story we’re trying to tell. I made sure to check in with my group as I made it to make sure they were happy with how it looked as well. Charlotte’s version of the storyboard had a better display of camera angles so we decided it was best to combine them. I think, in the end, the final storyboard looks good and effectively shows the storyline and camera angles.


This is our animatic that was put together by Acacia Radcliffe. I had separated out the necessary elements from the combined storyboard I had made then sent them to Acacia to make the animatic. It gives a good idea of timing and pacing for our animation and adds more to the different camera angles with the use of zooming in and out. I think it looks great and I think Acacia did a great job.


The previs above was made by Charley Flint. It gives a better idea of timing and the possible layout that we could have for out final animation. It also gives a better idea of how the camera may move in our final animation. The previs also includes an extra scene for the dracula orchid that isn’t in the storyboards or the animatic that was added and decided on by half of the team. Nonetheless, I think Charley did a good job.

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