Summer work – Walk cycle

Over summer, we were given the task of making a walk cycle in either 2D, 3D or both if we wanted. I decided to do mine in 2D .


The above image is what I used as reference when sketching out the key frames for my walk cycle although I flipped it horizontally as it was easier in that direction for me.

Key frames:

I started out by sketching out the main 5 key frames needed for the walk cycle. I also made sure to fill in the behind limbs to differentiate them from the front limbs as suggested in Sarah’s video.



After I had the key frames sketched out, I then worked out two inbetween frames between each key frame to make the walk cycle move more smoothly.

Final walk cycle:

After the sketch of the walk cycle was complete, I went back through it and cleaned up the line work and edited the body so that the character looked more like a robot. I also added an extra line to simulate the ground and resized each frame so that the character fit the canvas more. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I think the robot moves quite smoothly.

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