#IXD103- Redesigning my Portfolio Site and stop motion

Whilst designing my portfolio site, I realised that I wasn’t happy with it as I felt it didn’t match the rest of my brand.

I wanted my portfolio site to match my monogram and business cards so that they all tie in together, making my brand more stable and consistent.

With this colour scheme and typography in mind, I went back to my sketchbook to re-design my portfolio site.

Happy with this outcome, I went on to Adobe Illustrator to digitise the wireframes to see if I like the structure of this portfolio site better.

Overall, I am so much happier with the look of this new portfolio site as I think it fits my brand so much better and makes it more consistent as a whole. The continuous scroll of the site also makes the navigation process very easy and “clean” and there is no breakages in the background colour so it runs very smoothly.

I also then wanted to create a new stop motion as my other one no longer fitted the look of my brand either. I wanted to take the livliness of the “Sarah” and animate it so you can actually see it bouncing.

I am so much happier with the outcome of this stop motion as well as I think it flows better and makes a lot more sense to include in my brand. I think my portfolio site runs a lot smoother now as everything relates well to each other and is consistent which is crucial when creating a brand.

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