#IXD102-Week 6-Group Presentation

We were placed in random groups of four for our next project which was too create a powerpoint on a subject and then present it to Kyle and Pauline.

My group decided to base our presentation on the design system of the olympics. We were all very happy with this juice as it is a very broad subject and so there were lots of interesting things to talk about. to tackle such a big subject, we thought it was best to split it up and gave everyone sections to individually research and we would therefore present this section on the day.

since we can’t all meet up on campus, we organised group calls once a week to check up on our progress and to make sure we weren’t overlapping our research and script. this worked really well for us as it let us know what each of us were actually going to be saying on the day of the presentation and what order we were going to be speaking in which made it run smoothly on the day ss we had practiced previously.

The section I focused on was the opening and closing ceremony of the games. I found this really interesting to research and learn about as I never previously considered the amount of preparation needed to think about the chosen theme of each game. I decided to focus in on the 1980 games in Moscow as it was the most interesting to me. they were one of the most influential games in history as it was at the time of the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan. this led to the USA and 60 other countries to boycott the games which had never been done previously.

It was very important to us that the PowerPoint itself was laid out nicely and didn’t contain too much information on each slide as we thought the pictures were much more important for Kyle and Pauline to be able to visualise what we were talking about.

overall, we were all very happy with how we presented this project and thought we all worked together well and made it run as smoothly as possible.

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