104: Project 01- Travel App

The first project of this term involves creating our own travel app. This app must display 3 screens (Home, Place and detail of Place) and working prototype. This project really makes us explore the idea that ‘pictures is worth a thousand words’ and how visual communication can be used effectively. This module will look at…Continue Reading 104: Project 01- Travel App

103:Week 2 Tasks-Monogram

In this week’s lecture we continued learning about identity design but focussing more so on personal identity than brand identity. The first task was to design our names using only geometric shapes such as circles and squares. This is what I came up with, I originally designed very letter with a circle however it was…Continue Reading 103:Week 2 Tasks-Monogram

About Me

About Me Hi, My names Orla McCarney and I’m studying interaction Design at Ulster University. I chose this course because I always drawn to the more creative sides of the things. The subjects chose in school were more technology based and so for a while I really struggled with what I should do. I felt…Continue Reading About Me

103: Week 01 Tasks

Social Bio Part of this weeks after class tasks we had to write a short description of ourselves which can be used throughout any social media platforms. What I learned from this weeks class was to write what I think then cut it down as much as possible so that you have to become very…Continue Reading 103: Week 01 Tasks

103: Identity task

I can be found in many shops, including pharmacies I am usually be found in the beauty aisle I am used to help things stay in place I can also be used to prevent damage to object from humidity I am used a short distance away from the object to prevent clogging What am I?…Continue Reading 103: Identity task

102-Week 5/6: Pocket Profiles

Pentagram Pentagram is a design studio that specialises in multiple disciplines- from Arts and publishing to Banking and Finance, however the studio is all individually owned. Pentagram has 24 practicing designers and partners, they take on individual tasks or work together. Pentagram’s internal structure is actually quite unique as they are the only major design…Continue Reading 102-Week 5/6: Pocket Profiles

102-Week 03:Pocket Profile

Vic Bell Vic Bell is a senior illustrator at GitLab inc from northern England. She loves to create things from iconography to 3D worlds.d and brand designer .  She’s worked with brands such as Burberry, Uber and Blink doing iconography and illustration. She worked with Uber in 2017 to create a whole icon system for…Continue Reading 102-Week 03:Pocket Profile