ixd103 week 10 reflection and tasks

Semester Recap

Week 1: Language

Values, tone of voice, bio and stories, strategies

Basically, where everything comes from. It starts with communication, and language is the basic form of this. Beginning with words is the best way to begin a brand: everything that the audience will choose if it is relatable.


Week 2: Monograms and Lettermarks

Our first steps towards unique and identifying marks. The axes of how we balance those letters, and combine those letter-forms with case studies and axes.


Week 3: Typography

Using type, kerning, anatomy: we need to see an understanding of each of these topics. This is all about choosing type that is appropriate, and a refresher on characteristics and selection process.


Week 4: Visual Identity

Five elements of a unique brand informing the strategy.

Design programme, pictorial and abstract, drawing.

Week 5: Colour

Colour systems, psychology, culture, meanings to a certain audience.


Week 6: Application

Business cars, touchpoints, animations

Additional things you can apply your brand to.


Week 7: Brand Guidelines

Guidelines, Documents, Considerations and rules

What to create a rule for e.g. tone of voice, logo, colours chosen and colour values; what icons look like; appropriate illustration and photography


Week 8: Style Guides

Style guides, pattern libraries, element collages

Creating and setting rules for how things are presented


Week 9: Portfolio Websites

Planning, inspiration, standards, wireframes, Osborne checklist

Research Blogs

  • Lecture summaries
  • Independent Research
  • Backup & Development Work
  • Self-reflection
  • Assigned Tasks


Beyond the Brand

  1. Brand

Brand is the number one indicator of value for a customer. Users develop emotional connections to brands that far supersede any alliance to features.

  1. Experience

The experience of your users is key to reinforcing brand perception because it connects your users’ emotional reaction. Experience encompasses everything from onboarding to social media presence to customer service.

  1. Product

Ironically the very last piece to your value proposition. Your product might simply do something ten times better than the products before it did. It might solve a problem that hasn’t been solved yet. Or it might address an untapped need in the market.


Brands (reputations) take time to build but areas to focus on are:

  • Consistency – quality/tone of voice.
  • Attention to detail – consider everything.
  • Emotion – tell a good story.
  • Experience – ways people ‘feel’ your brand.
  • Reward loyalty – gestures and tokens.


Minor Task

Find three businesses you respect and study how they form emotional relationships with their customers.

Build a Bear

Use of language, warm and welcoming. Offers a memorable experience. When in store, the whole experience of being able to pick and stuff a bear, give them a heart, a wish and kiss, picking their scent and outfit. As well as naming them and having a mini birth certificate for them. Build a Bear really focuses on using their experience in stores to create an emotional connection to the bear you chose and to the brand itself.


Just Eat

Personalised emails, when you order from them enough, just eat sends you an email that says, ‘have your usual’. I think this a good way to connect with frequent customers, as it’s like personal ask. I feel like this would connect a customer emotionally to a brand as it’s a personal reach from them.


Blossom Beauty

This small business includes small free stickers and scrunchies with each order you place with them. I think this is another way to emotionally connect with your customers as it’s a little thank you from them to you, which again is a personal reach from them.


Major Task

One Step Beyond (for 3pm)

Design one additional touchpoint for your personal brand. This can be anything at all and the purpose of it is to promote an emotional response to your brand so design something that will attract attention. Do not just slap your logo on something, give it some thought.

For my touchpoint I designed a memory pen with my visual marque on it. I thought a physical gesture/gift is a great connection between you and a customer as who doesn’t like to receive a free gift. The memory pen showcases my visual marque without my name or any other branding, I think the design is still an easy connection to my brand but isn’t overbearing with my logo or name repeated over it. I also included quick background and mascot designs as extras.


Touchpoint Feedback

  • Memory pen is bold and sufficient.
  • Don’t over complicate things with mascot.
  • Background works well with brand.


Summary/Self Reflection

I found it interesting learning about how brands connect to their customers emotionally, whether that’s through a physical gift, rewards system, thank you cards etc. I’m happy enough with the memory pen I designed, and the feedback received on it. I think it was a good task to get me involved and associated with working on stuff that’s not just the brand.

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