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Final Reflection

It was in week one that I was encouraged to consider and articulate who I am as a designer, and what my core values are when it come to design. The values I settled on were to always aim to be colourful, authentic, adaptable, imaginative and fresh. I wanted to develop a brand that’s as true to who I am as possible.  I believe I have achieved that through considering and integrating these values at every step. This brand is, in a way, an extension of me and I think that it’ll give potential employers and clients a glimpse into the way my mind works and how I design.

Here is a brief note on monogram, word mark and visual marque:

My monogram is blocky and bold to perfectly encapsulate the playful, confident and lively energy  I want my brand to exude. I initially was caught between two different designs at first and, though the other one was quite nice, I was ultimately more drawn to my chosen one. If I had chosen the other simply because it was minimalistic and smarter looking, it wouldn’t be very authentic which is one of my key values.

I chose the font Piepie for my word mark and altered the shapes of the L and F to reflect my monogram so that when displayed on it’s own, that energy and style of the monogram is still present in a way.

The Eye-fish/fish-eye is my visual marque. It’s a nod to my love of surrealist art. As a teenager, I  took inspiration from the movement when developing the concept for a major school art project. It reflects my values really well, especially being imaginative. I think it also represents a natural evolution from the art style I had developed in secondary school, using bright colours and bold outlines, to what it is now. I still use bright colour and bold outlines but now in an altogether more refined and polished way.

What did I learn from this module?

I’ve learned so much about branding from this module. Before this semester, I wasn’t aware of how crucial starting with language is in the brand development process . I think it was in my week 1 reflection that I used a kinda weird analogy of the words being like the brands skeleton, what gives it an initial shape and form to build on. Then everything that comes after ie. logo, colours etc. is the skin, fat, mussels, organs and blood vessels that bring it to life. Looking back retrospectively at my brand and how I’ve developed it thus far, if I hadn’t built my brand’s skeleton of words in those first weeks, I would have had no sense of direction as to how my brand should look and feel.

I also really enjoyed looking at the different interpretations we have of colour and how brands use that to their advantage in week 6 and looking at love marks how to establish  emotional connections in week 10. Overall I really enjoyed this module and now have a feel I have a strong understanding of branding that I can take with me going foward through this course and my future career.


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