Month: May 2021

IXD104 : Final Submission + Reflection

Travel App finished screens pdf   Infographic Infographic pdf Final Reflection Brief note on my Travel App and Infographic: My Travel App “GLOBAL GRUB” is an app for young adults like myself who like to travel and plan trips around trying new and delicious food. A lot of the functionality of the app, like finding…Continue Reading IXD104 : Final Submission + Reflection

IXD103 : Final Submission + Reflection

Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines   Portfolio Website Coded Homepage Full Prototype   Final Reflection It was in week one that I was encouraged to consider and articulate who I am as a designer, and what my core values are when it come to design. The values I settled on were to always aim to be…Continue Reading IXD103 : Final Submission + Reflection

IXD103 : Portfolio Website Development From Start To Finish

Research In week 9 we looked at portfolio sites and I learned a lot about why they are great to have as well as the approach I should take  and things to consider when designing my own. You can see my reflection on that lecture here. This lecture gave me a good grounding but I…Continue Reading IXD103 : Portfolio Website Development From Start To Finish