IXD103 – Brand Touchpoint

During Monday’s Class, we were tasked with creating a personal brand touchpoint, which would allow us to create an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer. We could choose anything at all – merchandise, an animation, a new interface. I decided to go with designing a mobile version of my portfolio site (which is still coming along). I wanted to incorporate the same style and consistency of the portfolio site, which reflects and portrays the same feeling of my branding.


I began by sketching out a few ideas onto paper. These would allow me to choose my best designs and develop them, eventually turning them into digital designs.

As I didn’t have much time for this task before we presented our designs to the class, I decided to just go with nine sketches and choose my best from those. I liked the bottom row the best out of all the designs, especially the first couple of screens. I decided to begin digitising one of the designs on Illustrator.

Final Design

Here are my final designs for two screens:

I decided to create two designs as I felt they would better illustrate what everything on the site actually does, particularly the navigation bars on the first screen. The concept was that if you hit that button, it would lead to the second screen which was a navigation screen that would slide in from the right, which allowed you to visit different pages on the website.


Daniel seemed to like my designs, and said he loved the minimal style I was going for. He made a comment on the navigation bar icons on the second screen, which should have been something like an arrow or a back icon instead of the bars again. I went into Illustrator and changed this icon so that it made sense with the rest of the design.

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