IXD104 – Infographic: Design Research

In order to refine my initial sketches and ideas, I want to look into some visual research and inspiration. I’ve decided to create a Pinterest board focused on infographic designs that appeal to what I want my own to be styled similarly to, that I can take influence from.

What makes a good infographic?

Here is an example of an infographic from my board that I really like:

I want to break down it’s elements and figure out exactly what makes it such a good portrayal of information.

  • Consistent colour scheme and illustrative style
  • Elements are spaced out, allowing a lot of room between everything
  • Blocks of text are not too long – easily read

Here is another example of an infographic.

  • Charts and graphs are very simplistic, easy to read and minimal
  • Illustrations are not overly detailed
  • Everything is evenly spaced out, with lots of empty space which doesn’t allow it to feel cluttered
  • Consistent blue and white colour scheme throughout
  • Handwritten-style font appeals to a wide range of audience, from children to adults


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