#IXD104 Week 11 – Tutorial Session / App Feedback

On this quick 15 minute tutorial session Paul went through my travel app and gave me feedback on it. This was a good chance to see how Paul thinks of my app and find out what I’m succeeding in at and what needs refined.

Travel App (So Far)

I was happy to hear that Paul was pleased with my travel app so far such as the illustrations, colours, icons, etc. Although there was a few problems mainly due to type size and visibility.

On some pages such as the confirmation page or favourite’s page the text conflicts with the background making it harder to see.


Old (Top) / New (Bottom)

  • Reduced type size
  • Increased horizontal padding
  • Darkened type


Overall I feel like this session was good to acknowledge and fix some of the last remaining visual problems that my app faced. It’s good to get a different point of view to point out problems.



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