#1XD101- Nine Iterations

For our 100 Iterations group project we were tasked on finding 100 photographs/illustrations of a point, line or plane on a chosen genre.  Our group chose line and architecture.

As I browsed through countless images on Pinterest of different human made buildings throughout the world, I suddenly found the same geometric lineage in every culture corresponding to time, class and wealth. Respective of these values I want to show the similarities in structure and shape of human architecture from primitive times to modern across a very diverse range of cultures and people.

I chose 3 countries to show the advancement and similarities of geometry and how we see the outlines of lowkey inmate structures to more complex, erratic and obtrusive lines and shapes. These countries included Jordan, England and Ethiopia  – Very distinctive and culturally/physically different from one another.

Artist Inspiration

For my artistic inspiration, I was heavily inspired by old kid novel art covers, this art style is more formally known with narrated story telling which is what I want to portray this as. The ‘rustic’ texture also provides detail and noise to the work.


My nine chosen images.

  1. Bedouin tent/Jordan
  2. Whowick Hut/England
  3. Rondavel/Ethiopia


  1. Vernacular House/Jordan
  2. Terrance House/England
  3. Favela/Ethiopia




  1. Palace/Jordan
  2. Modern Cottage/England
  3.  Mansion/England






We are so different, it is almost  like we’re the same!


Each one of these primitive shelters contains a wide base with a narrow top top, it shields us from the heaviest of storms…



The industrial age has now past us as we now lock ourselves in a square block.

The look of the future is upon us, the walls now dramatically extended, defying purpose.

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