This week we started animating for our videos. My segment begins with a coin going into a slot machine. My design for the slot machine was inspired by 1920 slot machines I found on Google. Originally, I wanted it to have coffee machine parts on it however, this was difficult to do and too time consuming for just one frame. I want to add a design onto the coin as I did in my animatic to show that it’s spinning, but I wanted to keep it simple for me to follow for a rough animation. In the end, I discarded the idea of giving the coin a design and just had it be coloured yellow.

I had designed bars but I scrapped this idea as well as I found it took away from the animation of the coin. I decided to do a close up of the coin going into the slot instead.

I wanted to have shocked spectators, but animating the varying expressions for each character was difficult. In the end, I stuck to having just two spectators with the focus being on one main reaction.

For this, I was inspired by anime. To convey shock in Anime, they usually just have the static character move about the screen a bit as they’re in disarray. This was also easier to animate and show shock than my original idea.

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