IXD101- Week 1

For our first week, Paul took us through what would be happening over the next 12 weeks as well as how to use the basic tools that come with BB Learning. this was very useful, as since we are online this semester it is very important for us to know how to use our available resources to the best of our ability.

He explained to us that research will help inform our coursework and that we should gather our own research throughout these weeks to expand our knowledge of our future career field and gain inspiration from fellow UX designers.

I am very excited to begin this course as it is something I am very interested in and the endless opportunities that come with this job never fails to amaze me.

over the next 12 weeks I will continue to update my blog on my thoughts and research as it will help me develop my own style and let me decide what designers work I really like and what work I am less interested in which will shape who I will become as a designer.

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