IXD 302 – Proposal Brief

Week 6

After researching about proposals and their substantial importance in the world of UX work, it was time to get our brief on our proposal.

We would be tasked with making a proposal to make a website for Hill Street in Belfast, much like how the Cathedral Quarter has a website.

With the brief now known to us, it was time to actually look into Hill Street. Where is Hill Street? What is located within the street? Does it have many businesses? What is the overall audience that is most commonly found in the street? These where questions I found myself thinking about, I would need to think of how these factors would impact the overall end goal of the website and brand. Depending on the audience of people that business within Hill Street are looking to attract I would need to make sure and highlight that within the proposal.

So where is Hill Street?

Well Hill Street is located right next to our campus, just across from St Anne’s Cathedral.

What is located within the street?

Well Hill Street seems to have a diverse set of businesses on the street, ranging from office buildings, a solictors, bars and restaurants and cafes, overall the crowd within the street seems to be a diverse crowd who come to the street for different reasons.


Does it have many businesses?

The answer is yes, for such a small street, it is packed with businesses and people. The most common type of business on the street seemed to be bars and restaurants, so perhaps the main focal point to look at when proposing is looking at the key businesses on the street.

Now it would be time to actually begin writing the proposal, I would follow what I learnt from research and from what Daniel told us.

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