Day: January 1, 2022

IXD302: Stand-out Delivery Method for my CV

Employers receive so many CVs every day and may only look at each for a few seconds. Therefore, it’s important to make it stand out to get asked for an interview. Most people submit their CV online, through email for example. Therefore, I think it would be more unique to post them a physical copy….Continue Reading IXD302: Stand-out Delivery Method for my CV

IXD302: Week 6 Reflect

The Business of Design This week was all about the business of design. We looked into how much money can be made, knowing your value, how to handle costs and budgeting, etc. We also covered freelancing. This is something that interests me, so I decided to do more research on it. Freelancing Freelancers are people…Continue Reading IXD302: Week 6 Reflect