IXD302: Stand-out Delivery Method for my CV

Employers receive so many CVs every day and may only look at each for a few seconds. Therefore, it’s important to make it stand out to get asked for an interview.

Most people submit their CV online, through email for example. Therefore, I think it would be more unique to post them a physical copy. In class, we were shown some unique ways people have presented their CVs. You can see some of these below:

As you can see, people have used cardboard tubes, stamps for their details or have sent their business cards. I think these are all great ideas and would grab an employer’s attention. They also show that you are willing to put in extra effort which is a good representation of your character.


My idea

After being inspired by these examples, I decided to come up with my own idea that I may use in the future when sending a CV.

Throughout my brand on social media, my portfolio etc, I have always said how a lot of my inspiration comes from music. Therefore, I wanted to have a way to put that across in the presentation of my CV.

Last year, I created a physical touchpoint for my brand which was guitar picks. I used a source online which allowed me to add my brand logo on a guitar pick. This is what they looked like:

My idea is that I would put a guitar pick with my brand logo in the envelope with my CV. It would be in a case like the one shown in the picture below. It would also have a short note explaining how music inspires me in my designs.

I like this idea as it ties in with my brand and its tone of voice. The receiver will know that it is my logo because the same one is printed on my CV, this also creates consistency. I think it’s a unique way to make me stand out and it gives them something useful they can keep.

It is a small item to give that will fit in the letter and will be cheap to make. I think that it is something unique that people may like to have, even if they don’t play guitar.

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