IXD104- More Illustration Research…

I have continued my research looking into different people and styles to increase my inspiration for illustrating.

Olly Moss

Olly Moss is a designer and Illustrator. His Instagram and website display his work and I found some styles I really like.

These are some posters he designed for the game Firewatch. He also helped design the world within the game and the visual style. They are quite intricate, attention grabbing and visually appealing. I like the colour pallet used for these as he uses natural earth tones.  They are all in nature so I will take inspiration from these when creating my desert illustrations for my app.

Here is some of his other work that caught my eye:

He also did a poster for a movie called spirited away. It was produced by Studio Ghibli which is a Japanese animation film studio. They are well known for their hand-drawn illustrations. I like this poster as it gives off an eerie tone with the use of dark colours.

Studio Ghibli

Finding this poster by Olly Moss encouraged me to look more into Studio Ghibli movies as I was really intrigued by their style of illustration.

This style is unique as it is hand-drawn, which isn’t something you see a lot today. The colours and tone give off a very peaceful atmosphere, almost dreamlike, which I admire. I appreciate the small details in these illustrations. This has given me motivation to try out a new style and experiment when it comes to designing for my app.

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