IXD304 : Week 3 Lecture Reflection

First things first, here are the notes I wrote out on what was covered in this weeks lecture…


This weeks lecture was on Art Direction. We looked at what Art Direction is and how to go about it with our own projects.

My favourite part of this lecture and what best helped me understand the concept was the comparison of two journeys to venice, one with the Orient Express and the other Ryan air. We looked at the differences between their online experiences and how they each give one a sense of the experience you can expect to have with each respective journey.

My understanding now is planning your overall approach to designer something, as opposed to the design process in and of itself. I think it’s definitely been something I’ve considered a bit subconsciously when working on projects but now that I’m aware of what it is and the importance of it, I’m going to consider it much more going forward.


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