IXD304 Apollo Project : Gathering Inspiration

Our week 1 task was to start gathering inspiration for our Apollo Space programme projects and compile our inspiration into a mood board. I did this in two ways. I started compiling inspiration on a pinterest board and also in a sort of brain storm spider diagram on miro. I feel as though I must preface that I’ve been working on these in tandem with one an other  so some things I think of that I add to my miro board I then put on pinterest as well and some things I find on pinterest and then add to miro.  I think they just both provide helpful visuals. When I start a project though I do always make a pinterest board so since making a moodboard is an actual task this time I wanted to do something more.



You can find my pinterest board here. I’m gonna keep adding to it as I proceed to get a better idea of a concept I’m gonna go with but right now I looked at a lot of space movie posters, Nasa blue prints, trippy astronaut art and a lot of aesthetic space pixel art as one idea I had was to make it like a space arcade game from the 80’s. I also looked added some Jack Kirby comic pages particularly his epic space collages from the fantastic four comics since the silver age came to my mind and his work in particular recently when thinking about the brief. I’m also just a huge nerd and will take inspiration from marvel comics whenever I’m able.


Basically I have a lot of potential directions to go in, I just have to narrow it down a bit so that designs won’t be a chaotic mess.



My miro board is essentially just a big brainstorm of all the different things I’m considering taking inspiration from just with some visual queues.



Before I did this I thought a lot about doing a space invaders type thing but now after looking a bit more at the different visual aspects of the Apollo Program I think that the Comic idea I have could work well. Just have to do a bit more research and further flesh out the idea.


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