IXD304 : Week 1 Lecture Reflection

First things first, here are the notes I wrote out on what was covered in this weeks lecture…


This lecture was an introduction to the module IXD304 Narrative and Story Telling, what we’re going to be learning about and what we are expected to produce by the end.

This module from my understanding is going to be all about using visual storytelling the enhance content and considering various concepts like art direction, pacing and narrative to make the content flow, thus creating an engaging and immersive experience for users to enjoy. Basically from the outset this module seems right up my alley and I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead with all the different topics we’re going to be looking at.

Our projects for this module are to design an immersive prototype and then build either a website or an eBook all based around content that’ll be provided to us next week on the Apollo Space Program. I think this should be a fun project to work on as the subject matter is pretty interesting, space is a fun theme and although I don’t know whole lot about the Apollo Space missions so I’m exited to expand my knowledge on it all which I’m sure I will over the next 12 weeks.

We’ve been given the option of doing an ebook instead of a website if we want incase any of us are a bit sick of websites, I suppose I’m kinda in that boat but I’m not really sure if I wanna do a digital publication yet. It really just depends where my ideas take me and what works best.

For next week we’ve been given the task of gathering inspiration and making mood boards. While watching the lecture I had already started thinking of potential routes I could take like old school 8 bit space video games or the silver age of comics but I’m gonna try and hold back and gather a bunch of different types of inspiration first before I settle on one idea.


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