IXD301 Portfolio Site – Building With Webflow

Getting Started

So for building my site this time around I decided to ditch html and try Webflow for the first time. I had a bit of a rocky start as I applied for the student discount and was left waiting for verification to come through for over a week until I contacted customer service. It only cost my about $19 for the year but it was sickening because the next day they made it free.

Anyways the interfaces was quite intimidating at first but it was a lot like adobe interfaces in that it does take long to adjust and make sense of it all. I started out with a template instead of a page from scratch w


hich was a bit silly since I ended up deleting everything on the template and starting from scratch anyway. There are things I don’t understand yet like how classes work on there but with helpfrom videos and visits to webflow university I’ve come to understand what I need to understand to build my portfolio design.


I had to apply for placements before. my site was ready. Because of this I made a special sticker that I put on Case study pages that weren’t 100% complete. I don’t know if this was the cleans r most efficient way but I was tight on time and it wasn’t up for very long anyway.

HTML vs. Webflow

It did take some time to learn the ropes and there are times where I get frustrated not knowing why something isn’t working that way I’m trying to get it to in Webflow. That said hTML & CSS were much much more tedious especially considering how much I love to experiment with sizing, type colour and layout. with Webflow I can test things out much more rapidly. No more save and refresh, save and refresh!

Looking at Web Standards

Web standards are the formal, non-proprietary standards and other technical specifications that define and describe aspects of the World Wide Web. Now that I’m building my site it’s important for me to consider web standards.

Here is are the resources I found that helped me understand web standards from a design perspective better…


What I’ve done so far

So far I’ve got my home page, about page three case studies all built. I’ve added a top menu bar, my footer my svg buttons… Oh yeah I had a situation with those buttons because I forgot that I needed to create outline of the text part in illustrator before saving them but that was a quick fix… I’ve done up my work section buttons as well and organised them with a grid. I might add another one so it might go. from 3 in a row to 2 rows of 4. I also started working on the RWD situation and I’ve added all my visual elements.


What’s left to do?

In week 7’s critique I got some valuable advice on how to make my site better. There are also things that I’ve been planning on doing but haven’t gotten to them yet.

Here is a list of what I have left to do…

  • Fixing Alignment
  • RWD Situation
  • Adding Sketches
  • Another Case Study
  • Skills Section

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