IXD302 Week 6 : The Business of Design

In this week’s lecture we took a look at the brief for our next deliverable which is to write and design a proposal for a job entailing the website and brand design to represent Hill Street Belfast as well as everything to include and consider when assembling a proposal document.

Here are my notes on what was covered…


I’m not one who takes joy in thinking about the legal/ business sides of  doing design work, I find that business as a subject in general hurts my brain to think about. That said I think that this project will be a way of opening myself up to learning about and getting more comfortable considering the business. aspects of being a UX designer working with clients. It will also give me a very valuable understanding of how to rite a proposal so I know exactly. how to go about it if. I ever go free lance and have to compose one for a real project request.

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