IXD301 – Inspiration and Initial Sketches

Finding Inspiration

Before getting into designing my Portfolio Site I had to look for inspiration. Here are some of the places looked towards…


I have a Portfolio Site board on Pinterest that I’ve been continuously adding to since summer time. It really came in handy for finding inspiration for this project. You can find it here.


I also found some really great examples just from searching for portfolio sites and scrolling through dribble.


My Brand Guidelines

I really want my portfolio to reflect myself and how I love to design as accurately as possible to potential employers and clients.Because of this I made sure to look my brand guidelines I developed for the IXD104 module on Exploring Identity because when designing my brand I tried to make it as authentic to me as possible. I view my portfolio as another extension of my brand and as such, it should look the part. You can view my brand guidelines here.

Other Designers

I then looked at portfolios of specific designers and studios. Some of the sites I looked at include Sean Halpin, Poposhki, Edward Lim, Hicks Design, Illo Studio and Aurora Shao.

Initial Sketches

Once I felt like I had found enough inspiration I began to sketch out ideas.

Crazy 8’s

More Sketches

My next steps will be fleshing out my ideas in wireframes, planning my case studies and doing up a high res mock up for the feedback session in week 3.

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