IXD301 – Week Five: Responsive Web Design

In Kyle’s class, we looked at responsive web design, and the different aspects of web design, and how they can be changed and attributed towards your portfolio. We went over HTML and CSS like last week’s content, and so again, I already understood a lot of the subject matter covered today. However, it was definitely beneficial for me to understand more about CSS grids, as I didn’t have much experience in that area of coding. Last year, I never did much with grids, as I never fully understood how to use them, but from this class I have definitely gained more experience and confidence in them.

We then took a look at Webflow, and how to build a site using Webflow.

Webflow University is a website dedicated to teaching you about how to use Webflow, through tutorials and courses. I was able to watch a few of these courses, and they proved very beneficial to me learning more about Webflow. As I have been using it quite in the past week, I have been gradually getting used to it. I have actually found it quite simple to use, but these courses have definitely allowed me to brush up on the aspects of it that I was unsure about.

Here is a link to the videos that I watched:


I was able to learn a few helpful tips and tricks from watching this course, such as using grids to add images to your website, and using the Hero elements to add the same thing to your site more than once, without having to re-type or re-enter it in.

I also had the chance to look at Webflow’s showcase page, where users can upload their own works for others to view and leave comments. I really loved looking through all of the sites people have uploaded, and it also gave me a chance to see the capabilities that Webflow has. It was a great eye-opener to the possibilities available to me, and what my portfolio could eventually become.


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