IXD103 – Business Card Research & Development


We were asked to produce our own business cards using the monograms and overall branding identity we had created over the past few weeks.

I used Pinterest to create a board around business card designs. I chose to include a variety of minimalist business card designs, as that is the style and feeling that I would like to go for in my own design. I can use what I have found to influence my own design, in terms of scale, colour and placement.


I decided to use what I had explored and discovered to produce my own design in Illustrator:

I wanted to keep with the black and white monotone colour scheme, as it suited my overall branding identity. I then used my word-mark in place of my name on the card, and placed all my contact information below that in a right alignment so it sat well next to the monogram. On the front face of the card, I used a white version of the monogram against a black background, as I felt this acted well as a mirror to the other side, which featured a black version of the monogram against a white background.


I received feedback on my business card from Daniel, where he said he really liked the design. However, he did have a few suggestions of things I could change to make it better. These included making the monogram the same size on each side, and changing the size of the text to match.

I changed a few details about the card:

I do think this makes the overall design feel more even, as when you are holding the business card and you quickly flip it over, it flows better since the monogram is the same size on each side.

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