IXD103 – Typography

Daniel took a look at our monograms at the beginning of class, and I was able to receive some feedback on my initial sketches. He advised that I try to maintain a consistent style within my designs, and think about what I want my monogram to convey – and what language it should be putting across. This will help to create a more definitive design, and a stronger set of designs set to a specific theme.

Typefaces are to the written word what different dialects are to different languages.” – Steven Heller

This week, we learned about typefaces and letterforms, and their importance in media today. Typefaces are used to communicate a message where the originator is not able to be present. We also took a look at word-marks, which are distinct text-only typographic treatment of the name of a company or product, used for the purposes of branding and identification.

We also looked into the anatomy of type, and the different elements and aspects that make up typography, and how these attributed to the overall look and feel of the typeface style.

Here, I have used my name as an example to label different parts of type:


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