IXD102 – Pocket Profile: UsTwo

Ustwo is a Lodon-based software development studio which focuses on digital design. Their work centres on producing clean and elegant user interfaces. The company was founded in 2004, by two best friends “Mills and “Sinx”. The company originally started out as a developer for mobile apps and games, but upon gaining a significant amount of attention on their game Monument Valley in 2014, the company has won numerous awards and produced a much wider scope of software for a range of computing devices.

“We believe that by caring deeply for our people, clients, and partners, we can unleash our collective genius. That means mastering the art of collaboration, crafting the optimal conditions for a team to perform at its absolute best, in an environment of diverse backgrounds, thoughts, views, opinions and life experiences.”

One of the main importances in the company’s motivation is culture. Culture is relied upon within Ustwo’s company, with a shared belief, collective focus and hard work. With the rapidly growing fast-paced digital world that our modern world is facing today, it can become incredibly easy to push culture to the side, as a least priority. However, it is important to remember balance in the workplace, and to face a long-term goal you must embrace equality and harmony.

“Culture is not something you have – it is something you do.”

In this company’s views, culture is defined as the stories, symbols, languages, experiences, principles and beliefs within an organisation. It is valuing community. With a workplace of over 250 designers and developers, Ustwo becomes a mix of digital studio, game studio and venture funds. Above all, however, there is a community and friendship, and it is a place for workers to enjoy what they do and enjoy working together to complete goals and ambitions – like a family.

Ustwo helps companies to transform their digital personas and selves. They help clients with starting up ideas, building global brands and launching all types of new, digital products. They aim to make a meaningful impact on the world, with millions of people from all over the world interacting with their digital products they passionately create over the years.




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