IXD301 Wk3:- Feedback

This week was just a feedback week on the High resolution Mock-ups that were created

I personally find feedback really helpful as its a chance for me to get an unbiased point of view and be given constructive criticism. It is a way for me to better my self as a designer. Even though sometimes getting feedback can be difficult as it can feel as if its not the work that is being criticised but the designer, its important to recognise the difference and know that the designer is not the design and that constructive criticism can only help in the long run

I found it interesting seeing all the different high resolution mock-ups that each person had done and seeing the vision that each person had for their website.

This was the high resolution mock-up that I presented for my portfolio site


Main Feedback:

Home Page –

  • The curved part at the top is not needed and my site could go without it.
  • The hamburger menu should also be removed and changed to a standard navigation

Portfolio Section –

  • Add case studies to showcase a vast range of skills

Case Study Page – 

  • Add a header image that relates to the project (for example mentioned about the hands in the infographic project being put along the top as a image).
  • Arrows are not needed and can be removed.
  • Scan all of my sketches and notes

Different post it notes were also stuck around my work with different remarks in regard to the work that I had done from my peers.

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