IXD301 Wk 1:- Content Audit and Site Map

Before I started creating my content audit and site map I decided that a better understanding of these concepts was needed so I began research.

Content Audit

Content Audit – “A content audit involves taking a look at all the content on your website and assessing it to determine if your objectives are being met”

A content audit can sometimes be easily confused with a content inventory, but they are not the same. An audit involves examining and adjusting while an inventory is to just examine/take stock of the content.

I decided to try and see if there was a YouTube video that could provide a visual and guide to creating a site/content audit. I was able to find a helpful video from a YouTube channel called TheFutur – they are a channel that I have been aware of for a while now and find value in their videos and the insights that they give.

I found this video really informational. I loved how they began by showing different websites which caused me to ask questions such as ‘who is the website aimed at?’ ‘what is necessary and what is excess?’ etc. Questions like these one made me think more about my content audit and realise that I need to actively consider what the content should be and if it was really needed.

As another exercise I decided to create a content audit for another website in preparation for when I would create my own one.

I had already had a previous content audit that had been done that looking back on was missing a lot of information as I did not have a full understanding of what I was doing. It was not a bad content audit I think, especially for my first proper attempt but once I had gained more knowledge in relation to content audits I felt that I could produce one to better represent and serve my site.



(Previous Content Audit)




(New Content Audit)

Site Map

For creating my site map I followed a similar process that I had used when creating my content audit.

Site Map – “A sitemap is a diagram where information is provided about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them”

I felt that I had a better understanding of site maps and what went into them. What really had to be done was determining the different pages that would be a part of my site and ensuring that everything there was necessary in order to make the best use of my portfolio

In class a example diagram was drawn of which I could use as a template for my own which is what I did.




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