IXD104:- Final Submission

Link – Infographic

Link – Travel AppĀ 

Imaging and Data Visualisation Overview

I really enjoyed the work that I did in IXD104 this semester. I feel that they were really helpful in helping me to become a better designer. I had never created an app or an infographic before so I feel that creating them really helped me better under stand design elements as I learned how to create a landscape, graphs/bar charts, etc. Even just looking back on semester one I can see a difference.

I even added my designs to my portfolio website as I felt that it would be a good way to show what I had learnt.

Portfolio website – Link

Semester Two Overview

This semester has flown by just like the last one. First year is now officially done. I have learnt a lot this year from all of my classes. I have gained new skills that I am excited to continue to develop.


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