Follow the Rhythm

I want to keep focusing in this project with simplistic, bold statements. I was thinking I could maybe do Taylor Swifts song “The man” as it holds a very strong and powerful message and frankly calls society out.

I made a Pinterest mood board – here is the link –


I did some quick planning in my notebook but then decided to switch to a different song as when I tried sticking the two sides of Taylor as a man and a woman it looked awful. I instead decided to work with the song, level of concern by twenty one pilots as it allowed me to make a more simplistic and bold cover like I wanted.




Final piece

I went for a simplistic and bold design. I imitated loosely the shape of the pen drive in white at the bottom and used a starry sky background – I like how the tranquil, quiet sky contradicts the song, the titles and the colours themselves (which were the colours originally used in their own cover).

I am quite pleased with the outcome.

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