100 Iterations

We were tasked with researching a minimum of 100 on an agreed upon topic by your group. My group chose structures, natural and man made. Man vs Nature in a way.

I liked this topic as you could take either a very structural, architectural approach or a quirky one.

We created a joint group chat and Pinterest board, where we collected images for inspiration.


I noticed that sharp lines could be created by manipulating light and that every single one of them was unique, the theme of uniqueness or one offs lead me to fingerprints and tree rings, they tell a story. I kind of like to look at tree rings like wrinkles nearly, you get more the older you get and they tell a story of your life. I want my narrative to be about similarities, how a building, a tree or a person can be unique. I want to group these 3 unlikely trio together. This idea of showing a legacy, age or a lifespan reminds me of tiny we are and that in the blink of an eye it can all be missed. As quick as a heartbeat really. I want to illustrate this in my illustration, using lines only. I want it to be as simple as possible. Less is more.










These are the 3 main images that inspired me, they sort of made something click for me.

I decided to represent nature, mankind and mankind’s creations through solid line drawings, I decided to use a fingerprint for humans, a tree ring for nature and an old building outline for man made structures. I decided to draw a building that looked a bit older in style, to keep with the theme.

I will have them start at a single line and end at a single line, to represent a heartbeat and how truly fast life goes by.










I think there is something very poetic in the seemingly never ending chaos of lines and circles in the fingerprint, which is another reason why I chos it, it clearly shows that life is complicated, it’s never straightforward or untangled – a stark contrast to the building which consists of pin straight lines. It is also interesting to see that the lines in the tree ring are more complex and unperfect.

This is finished outcome, I left in black and white as I wanted the lines to speak for themselves without colour taking the attention away.

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