Year: 2022

#IXD303 – Interviewing a Counsellor

An area that I am limited to is interviews, this is one of the first times I’ve conducted a user interview in this scenario so before I get into I have to prepare for it. Additionally, in the UX field, there is a large emphasis on user interviews, these help me ask questions to determine…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Interviewing a Counsellor

#IXD303 – Digital Health for Patients, with Patients – Article Review

In creating his own disease management app, Weidberg conducted qualitative research through patient interviews to learn about people’s relationship with technology, and what barriers were keeping them from proactively managing their health. From these interviews, there are 5 key takeaways and how app design can address these barriers; 1. The Patient-provider dynamic is changing: Today,…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Digital Health for Patients, with Patients – Article Review

#IXD303 – Placard

One technique that I used in the previous IXD301 module was the placard technique. I put down individual placards with their own unique character and asked my target users what they thought of each individual story. This proved to be extremely influential and successful in generating stories to develop my characters. However, I want to…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Placard

#IXD303 – Digital Disruption, Future of Healthcare & Wellness – Case Study

Although the article discusses the creation of a health app specifically for online communication between doctors and patients and providing Indonesians with more simplified access to healthcare, Fadhel Adam draws on some important points and research that is useful for designing any health-related app. Firstly, the author highlights a fundamental when combining technology with healthcare…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Digital Disruption, Future of Healthcare & Wellness – Case Study

#IXD303 – Collaborative Group Research

The Group To start off our new IXD303 project focusing on healthcare, our group decided to create a miro board as this would creatively allow us to develop different points of interest during this ideation stage. For the first few weeks, we conducted a collaborative group session where our team of four got together and…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Collaborative Group Research

#IXD303 – Mood-Tracking with Children & Adolescents

When creating an app aimed at enhancing children’s mental health, it’s critical to explore the most effective ways to do so that both children and parents find the app valuable in maintaining good mental health. Christine Taylor, a licenced clinical professional counsellor who works with children and their families, wrote an excellent article titled “Mood…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Mood-Tracking with Children & Adolescents

#IXD303 – Competitor Analysis

Indirect Competitors Calm Who are they? Calm is an award-winning meditation and sleep app, filled with hundreds of mind exercises, meditation practices, and sleep stories that are written and recorded by leading professionals in the field. While the app has largely focused on teenagers and adults, Calm has a section for children called ‘Calm Kids’…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Competitor Analysis

#IXD303 – Personal SWOT Analysis

As I am this far into my mental wellness healthcare product for pre-teens/early teens I think it’s a good time to do a SWOT analysis on my own app to help me understand the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities that my app poses. It is a good way to evaluate the situation and confirm my…Continue Reading #IXD303 – Personal SWOT Analysis

#IXD303 Week 12 – Final Critique

View Critique Presentation Here This week was the last class we had for the module so it was extremely important to gain one final critique from the class. Additionally, it’s helpful to refine and focus on the minute details. Recap It’s important to do a recap on where I have come from since a certain…Continue Reading #IXD303 Week 12 – Final Critique