IXD302 – Acing the Design Task for Employers – Article Review

In today’s class, Daniel shared a link to an article about completing a design task that employers will often conduct when commencing interviews.

The design task is one of the most typical components of the interview process in recruitment for UX and UI designers, with the goal being to showcase our skills in the process of redesigning or creating a product. As it is one of the most common, and critical, parts of the interview process, it is important to be fully prepared and to understand the key factors to success in this task. UX Planet published a great article ‘How to Ace the Design Task to get an Interview’ which breaks down the best approach.

Important to keep in mind is that the design task is not given to try and find the perfect solution; instead, it is best to approach the task with the mindset that you are showcasing your thinking and problem-solving skills.

The ideal approach to the design task:

Step 1: Define the user and why you believe the problem needs to be solved

Step 2: Explain your understanding of the problem

Step 3: Research – research or talk to people with similar user contexts to build an understanding of the problem.

Step 4: Experience mapping – this is important to identify pain points and opportunities to come to a solution

Step 5: Defining a basic flow of the solution and the steps for how the user would be using that solution

Step 6: Wireframes – Before creating wireframes, it is important to first sort information based on priority to the user, as this aids in determining how information should be structured and presented. It is then important to draw out wireframes on paper before converting them to high quality.

Step 7: Creating the final visual.


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