IXD302 – CV & Cover Letter Delivery

Daniel talked about how our delivery method can enhance our chances of catching the employer’s eye. The problem is most employers go through so many CV’s when selecting a candidate it can be hard to actually pick from. CV’s/coverletters can be usually sent through post or more appropriately in today’s age; online. Using alternative delivery methods is great for capturing and drawing attention to your CV/coverletter.

So today I have created a delivery method to potentially capture the attention of any employer.

Firstly, I needed to find out how I could go about with my delivery method. I decided to create a list of many ways I could initiate this project such as unique packaging, stickers or interactive CVs (might be a stretch).

One particular idea came to my mind which was to deliver my material to an employer in a skinny box (Christmas selection box width) with my branding on the outside to give it my own personal and unique flair.

Before I initiated this idea, I decided to go onto Pinterest to conclude my ideas and gain a little more inspiration.

I really love the branded packaging and the consistency throughout which is shown on my Pinterest, I also got other ideas such as using ‘JD’ type packaging where it involves a bag as this is more unique than the cardboard box delivery method. However, I want my packaging to contain cardboard and have a slit opening method with a sticker attached to the entrance to give it that extra bit of flair.

My idea

I designed a brief mock-up of what I wanted my delivery to involve. I decided to use my extremely eye-catching brand colours throughout the packaging with white edges and a white sticker to contain my sense of style.  At the entrance, I put a sticker that will contain a postage address and additional information about the package.

Inside I have three main things (in order) which are my business card, the cover letter then the CV. These will be wrapped in paper wrapping when first opened.


I feel like I’ve created an eye-catching and successful delivery method by using consistent colours of my brand (even on cv & cover letter). I am extremely happy with the outcome of my packaging and feel like it will higher my success in catching the employer’s attention.




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