Sitemaps or Stickymaps?


I wanted to revisit sitemaping for my portfolio. I initially created a sitemap on Miro for my portfolio but I want to experiment doing this manually and play around with the layout, so I decided to do this with sticky notes. I saw a blog post or two about this technique so I wanted to give this a try. This actually made it much faster to move around and explore more site options and layouts. This left me more open to ideas and possibilities and gave me a better look at what my portfolio site could do; I looked at portrait and landscape options.










What did I learn?


I think this has given me the most suitable outcome for my portfolio, I have taken away the things I don’t need and got right down to the basics. I just want a simple portfolio site that is based around my work. This was a fun exercise that got my off the screen and allowed my hand to do the sitemapping. This activity has also added to my obsession with post it notes…




IXD301- Sitemaps or Stickymaps?
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