Interview skills continued


In a previous blogpost I wrote about the lecture Daniel gave surrounding the topic interviews access blog post here. I decided to look up some more questions that I could be asked in a UX interview and I wrote some out in my sketchbook below.

Other interview questions


I found these questions on a blogpost online, like Daniel stated before these questions can all be linked together and each question can take many different forms and variations but they are all looking for the same sort of answers each time. For example the question Р What is UX design is really asking you what is the value of the role and do you understand the term its value.

One of Daniels points from last week was to prepare speaking points and NOT scripts. I decided to take a look at other popular questions asked by UX employers and I thought of some talking points about them:


The difference between ux and u?

  • ux is the user
  • ui is what the users see ( the pretty packaging)


Where do you find inspo?

  • latest ux trends
  • recent blog post I read
  • ux podcast


Least successful UX design project?

  • talk about failures
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • things that went wrong in the project
  • how I would change it now


Examples of bad ux design?

  • websites I hate using
  • apps that are hard to use
  • colour contrasts that are hard to read ( brands )


How would you improve our product?

  • look at the companies work
  • don’t bash the company but simply give slight improvements
  • target audience



What have I learned?

Going through more questions has been very helpful and has prepared me for my UX intern interviews. I have realised that most of the questions follow similar topics and a lot of them are very similar. Another tip I gained from Daniel as well as these online blogs is that I need to share my work either on screen or off screen- therefore I should always bring my sketchbooks along with me. Interviews can be intimidating but I will focus on talking about my work and the process I take each time, along side my enthusiasm and be sure to end on a positive note!




IXD302- Interview skills continued
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