May 9 2022

3D Literacy Assignment 2 – Concepts

For the second assignment in the 3D Digital Literacy, the brief was to sculpt a cute character that follows two rules;

  • The polygon count can’t exceed 40,000 polygons in the scene
  • The characters cannot have hair, fur, or feathers unless they’re sculpted

I went to Pinterest and Sketchfab and searched around for cute character concepts, and gathered some I found interesting to try and get some inspiration from. I had initially thought it’d be interesting to look at doing a character concept that was an animal or something along those lines.

Some of the animal pins that interested me, especially the axolotl since my sister makes crochet axolotls to sell at markets. Additionally, the glass frog concept was adorable.

However, I’ve always had more interest in human characters personally, and I was struggling to come up with a concept for an animal character that I liked and didn’t feel was too simple. So when I was trying to come up with ideas I had started doodling some of the characters I had before and realised one of those characters would fit the brief pretty well, as I find her design quite cute.

My Pinterest Board for character designs

This is Melanie, one of my characters. The first image was me trying to draw her in the style of the cute chibi-ish designs. The second image is more how I usually draw cuter characters.


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