February 16 2022

Week 3 – UV Maps

Despite me being behind and having time constraints, I knew I needed to get through the UV map tutorials and listen to the recorded lectures about it, as I had been off with covid that week so that I would actually be able to understand how to do it on my final model. So I completed the basic UV tasks with the recorded walkthroughs, which was very helpful for me to build an understanding of the process of UV mapping the 3D models, and to start thinking about what edges to cut when doing so for a clean look.

I definitely need to brush up on my understanding of photoshop, as despite having used it for education before, I couldn’t remember how the keyboard shortcuts and felt very slowed down by having to manually select everything.

Here are the finished versions. I honestly found it quite easy to understand the theory behind the UV unwrapping, although I’m worried that when it comes to UV mapping my final model it’s going to confuse me a lot more. Hopefully, that won’t be the case.

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