#IXD103 Final Submission




This branding project was a real learning curve for me as a designer as I came face to face with many challenges that I had to quickly overcome. It taught me how important the “small details” were in creating a brand and I now have such an appreciation for all the work that goes into creating a brand as I feel this project gave me such insight into this aspect of the industry.

It was important to me to create a brand that reflected my personality as I am a bubbly outgoing person who is extremely approachable and friendly. A way in which I ensured this was through the choice of my colour palette. I included lots of pink and red as they are quite contrasting colours that bounce off each other and are both very bold, fun colours which are eye-catching without being too harsh. 

Red is a bright colour and creates feelings of excitement and intensity. It is also a colour that symbolises passion which reflects my passion for the industry.

Pink is a youthful, fun and exciting colour. Mixed with the passion of red and the purity of white, pink is a light, feminine colour that represents good health and happiness.

The aspects of my brand are each very minimalistic EG my monogram is my initials joined together using the curves of each letter, creating a new continuous shape which is bold and interesting to look at. I also decided to make my visual marque a simple plant design to reflect the growth of my skills as a designer throughout this project which is needed in this ever-growing industry. The heart-shaped leaves resemble the passion I have for being a designer in this industry and how excited I am to jump in. I love this word mark as it is very simplistic however is very open to personal interpretation.

Throughout this project I gained many new skills such as learning what aspects go into creating a brand and what steps go into fully developing and refining each aspect until you reach the final product. This was an important learning experience as it taught me how much refinement is needed when creating a new project and how to go about it without getting overwhelmed by the amount of work involved. 

I also had to overcome lots of challenges throughout this project such as learning new skills on adobe illustrator to be able to create the monogram or visual marque that I envisioned for my brand. I also had to re-learn how to code my portfolio site as it was months since we had last coded anything and I wasn’t very confident In coding a portfolio site on my own. It took a lot of trial and error however, overall, I now feel more confident in creating sites using applications such as brackets and I found myself being able to solve problems in my css file which I was not able to spot and fix at the start of this project. Despite this development of coding skills, I have still have a lot of room for improvement in this field however I am very happy with the progress I have made throughout this project.

I was aiming for a bold, lively brand that was eye-catching yet still approachable. This was very important to me as I wanted potential clients to have fun whilst scrolling through my portfolio site vis the bold typography and bright colours, however to still feel they could easily communicate with me and work with me easily. I think I successfully achieved this as my tone of voice is very conversational and I didn’t tend to use overly complicated words when writing about myself or projects which I felt was very important as I wanted everyone to be able to easily read and understand what I was saying. I think I have achieved the branding that I wanted to when beginning my project as I wanted to create a fun space that people felt they could easily communicate and contact me and I am very happy with the final outcome as I felt I have really grown with my brand throughout this process.


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