#IXD104- “Solo Steps” Travel App

“Solo Steps” is a travel app for solo travellers who still want guidance and reassurance that they are not entirely on their own.

After looking for Inspiration for my Travel app I began to create mind maps on what I wanted my app to be like. I was instantly more drawn to focusing my app on the solo traveller as I felt there was more to include and I found this concept more exciting.

The creation of this app would hopefully make solo travellers feel safe as there’s lots of security options as WIFI is not needed to access maps; allowing you to constantly know where you are and the app is also connected to the local police station meaning you can easily contact them when needed.

Solo Steps is a great app for when you are in a new destination in which you don’t know. Simply make your profile and state which area you are in. This instantly links all the local emergency contact services you may need if you are in trouble. You are also able to list your own emergency contact which will be able to be contact if you are in trouble. 

This app has many positive aspects such as a built in translator with a camera. This means you are able to remove any potential language barrier. You are able to take a photo of EG. A menu in a different language and the translator camera will translate it into your own language for you, allowing you to be able see ingredients in products, eliminating the risk of allergies.

The Tour Guide section of the app allows you to take your own customisable tours of your chosen city without the hassle of booking a guided tour. Simply put in your earphones ad select a route and at every destination you are able to hit the play button and it will tell you all about the landmark. There are also small case studies of each destination full of the key facts which is worth knowing about the landmark without all the waffle.

The Community section of the app is so important for the solo travellers out there as it gives you recommendations of the best places to eat and stay. This can be a major time saver as you no longer have to waste your time and money on places that are not safe or up to standards. The activity section also offers fun activities to do during your stay! If you book through the community section you are also able to see fellow solo travellers who will also be at the event, allowing you to private message them and meet up so you are not on your own! Solo travel should be fun, not scary.

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