#IXD103 Week 10-Beyond the Brand

This week Daniel helped us recap on the previous weeks lectures to make sure we have everything up to date and highlighting areas that we may have overlooked and need developed.

Daniel then explained to us the importance of Brand Values and how important they are to create an emotional connection with your clients and therefore make your brand successful.

Emotional connection is one of the five drivers of customer brand insistence. For this to happen, the consumer must first know the brand, then like the brand, and finally trust the brand and feel an emotional connection to it.

People become emotionally connected to a brand for a number of reasons:

  • The brand stands for something important to them. It shares values with them.
  • The brand is intense and vibrant. It connects with people on multiple levels across several senses.
  • The brand is unique.
  • The brand is admirable.
  • The brand consistently interacts with them. It never disappoints them.
  • The brand makes them feel good.

There are many creative ways to achieve this emotional connection— from advertising and the quality of frontline consumer contact, to consumer membership organisations and company-sponsored consumer events. Emotional connection can take your customers beyond brand loyalty to the ultimate measure of a compelling brand: brand advocacy. This is where people promote your brand by leaving positive reviews and recommending it to others; expanding your brand’s popularity.

One of the most important ways in which we are able to captivate clients early on is through your brand’s tone of voice. When writing about your brand it is important to show how passionate you are about your brand through the language you choose to use.

EG instead of writing in a generic tone of voice that is simple full of information with a professional tone of voice with lots of statement facts, your brand will become much more relatable and appealing to your audience if you instead write in a personal tone of voice in a story-like structure that people are drawn to read and perfectly shows off your brand’s personality. They will;l feel like you understand them., therefore leading for them to create an emotional connection with your brand.


Today’s Task

For today’s task we were encouraged to go “Beyond the Brand” and create another aspect of your brand that will help appeal your brand to a wider audience. I decided to use my personal illustration and my name written in my handwriting font to create a stop-motion video advertising my brand. Although it is short and simple, I am proud of how it turned out as I feel it is eye-catching and makes a good draft of how I would want an advertisement of my brand to look like.


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