ixd304 week 04

This week we looked at Journeying Immersively. First looking at macro and micro. Macro: page-to-page; moving between areas of content. Micro: component-to-component. Users expect this immersive-ness nowadays, they want more (immersive experiences, scrolling, animation, interactive data, live maps etc.) Subtle is always better, everything doesn’t need to be all singing and dancing, it can become overwhelming. Icons can be super useful. If you want someone to click on something, make it obvious to them: hover-overs; size changes; colour changes. Animations and messages let people know what is happening.

Moving forward in designing and creating my prototype, I know the look and feel I want to give but I feel I need to start to focus on how a user is going to walkthrough my prototype, how are they going to interact and navigate in a engaging manner. As I am looking at the disasters of Apollo, I want the user to be able to feel the emotion and journey in the stories.

Below is a quick user flow I did to help me visualise and see who a user will interact and use my website. I found doing this helped me not feel lost with the direction of the prototype when thinking of interactions.

I then started on some wireframes to get  a sense of what the prototype is going to be laid out and how it’s going to look. I know I want to keep it simple so it can be easily lead through.



I then jumped onto Figma and started to create my screens. So far this is the outcome. At the moment I am content with my progress and think the content flows okay with the visuals I have produced. I will continue on to make the rest of the screens for the other stories I am including as well as starting to prototype the screens further.



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