ixd304 week 03

This week’s lecture is on Art Direction. Art Direction is a way in which we build a particular aesthetic for a purpose. It shapes the journey of your project. Art Direction is a good step before designing. I think this step will be an important part of the process as it helps guide into the designing process a lot easier than just jumping straight into it. I feel like I will be able to do wireframing, mock ups and my final prototype a lot more easier which a set direction to go into. Moving forward we looked at different methods of visuals.

Style Tiles are a design deliverable consisting of fonts, colours and interface elements that communicate the essence of a visual brand for the web. Element Collages combine multiple elements together, such as typography, colour, icons, buttons, header bars, imagery, and components to display how the style could be implemented. Looking at more inspiration for our projects it might be worth looking beyond the screen for inspiration, libraries, magazines, leaflets etc. I think it would be worse trying yo find some old newspaper clippings on different disasters of Apollo.

Tutorial Task – Type Treatment

Spend an hour and take the title ‘Apollo Space Program’ and give it a typography makeover and add your own art direction to it based from your research so far. Below is a quick look at some references I wanted to implicate into this task. I looked at some images from the disasters and some newspaper clippings from the time of the disasters.

Below is what I cam up with. I’m quite happy with the imagery and how it looks, I think it gets the point across of ‘disasters of apollo’. I think the actual type needs more work and consideration as it doesn’t look just right at the moment.

This week I need to work on creating a style tile and start wireframing.

Style Tile 

Wireframing screens 

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