ixd302 week 12 Pitch Presentation


Overall I’m happy with my slides, I think they fit the RSPCA branding and the colours and layout bring a lighter feel to a potentially heavy subject

Below are pngs of my slides to showcase in the blog, but for the actual presentation I had the pitch in two formats. PowerPoint and PDF just in case anything went wrong.

Notes and Prep

I had some statistics for my pitch so this is an aspect I really focused on as I struggle with numbers, so I spent a bit more time practising and going over this than some other slides.



Resources I used throughout my prep and research








I think overall the pitch went well. I found that practising with others beforehand really helped me with my timing and keeping my speech clear. I’m glad that I focused a bit more on learning the statistics as I don’t think I got flustered over it. I feel the feedback I got back from Daniel and Ronan was good and very useful if I wanted to take the idea further.

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