ixd302 week 11 reflection

Copyright – for content

Patent – product

Trademark – for a brand

Registered – trademark with more rights


Copyright is an automatic right that arises when company or person creates a work This is provided the work is original, not lifted from elsewhere, not plagiarised.


Fair Use

There are exemptions to copyright:

Scholarly works, it’s permitted others’ work can be used in terms of a teaching method.

Criticism: like film reviews or talk shows

News reporting: if copyrighted material needs to be shown to talk about the story

Parody: has to do something different. It can’t resemble the thing you’re parodying too closely.

Inspirational Use: the work you create must transform the original beyond easy recognition. You can’t just rip stuff off.

Trademarks [TM]

These distinguish an individual company’s goods and services from another


Non-Disclosure Agreements

An NDA is a contract where various parties agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement. These have to be specified.


  1. Unilateral (one-way) NDA – Going into an investor pitch you might have to present an NDA to protect the ideas contained in the presentation.
  2. Mutual (two-way) NDA – where the parties are exploring a potential relationship. e.g. a company merger where key secrets might be shared.
  3. Multilateral NDA – where three or more parties are involved. One or more may disclose information but all parties are obliged to protect information.

Next week

Daniel will be emailing with time slots, groups and arrangements for pitches as well as sending out information and requirements for assessments.

Presentations will be in the studio.



Very interesting lecture, all good to know when keeping yourself right within legal matters. At the moment I have got some of my slides created and I know where I am going with the pitch. This upcoming week I plan to get slides finished and slides practised as much as I can.

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