ixd302 week 09 project proposal update and reflection

I have the whole document typed up and a basic invoice example typed up in a Word Document. This week I plan to focus on the designing the document up on Figma, with the invoice designed up alongside this.

Below is the title page and revision history page designed up. I’m going with the curved line design as I think it helps the eye follow through the document. I choose the teal and green colour palette to have a neutral and natural tone to the document that I would imagine would match the ‘Hill Street Belfast’ brand. Typeface is ‘Montserrat’ as I think it’s an easy type to read.

Project Proposal Pages

I’m happy with my designed pages, I think it flows together well, is easily read with the choice of layout and typeface. I think if I need to change anything it will be minor things or adding on more information if needed.

Example Invoices

I did my example invoices based on the project pricing from my project proposal. I did two invoices based on the idea of being paid in two intervals on a three week period. I found doing this difficult as I struggle with numbers so calculating the prices based on a set amount of time baffled me a little. In the end up I think the invoices came out alright, I do like the design of them, but I think I spent more time focussing on getting the numbers right. This kind of caused me to struggle with how to layout the numbers right within the design.

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