ixd301 week 13 module presentation reflection

Tuesday 14th December 2021 @2.35pm

Tutor Feedback

  • under time slightly just keep this in mind for future
  • could have talked about process and work more in depth
  • a bit light on content
  • could have had more research – more examples that aren’t just on the app store
  • add frames to screens, screens without look bare
  • consider more navigational elements for element farm
  • work on making portfolio site responsive



I found I got lost a bit during my presentation and speed through it. I did practise and time myself a few times before today but I think I got a bit nervous and didn’t have any notes with me. I think if I had notes by my side then when I did get a bit lost I could have pulled myself back in a lot quicker and better rather than having long pauses between certain slides and then rushing the rest. I will take Kyle’s feedback into consideration when working towards my deadline during the Christmas break.


Slides I presented below







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