ixd104 week 12 group critique reflection

What I had shown for critique

Notes for Critique – Still a work in progress, need to add more stats, deaths from evacuation, stress factor deaths, possibly so costs of the aftermath.


Tutor Comments

  • ‘Disaster’ could be in a second line.
  • Wave could be used in a top part in the heading, with the information below.
  • You have the statistics well; it’s separating the content. Maybe you can centre some of it.
  • Could make the graphic figures smaller and show more to have more of an impact on the reader.


Peer Comments 


Self Reflection

This week I’m glad I got to see what stages others infographics are at, as it has made me realise I need to put a bit more work into my infographic. I think my design is getting there and will work well with the topic I have chosen, but I think I need to reconsider layout of my illustrations, text and figures after today’s critique. I think it would maybe be worth looking over the designers I have researched so far and really look at how they lay their information out. I need to really focus on colour and what works together and what would clash, as I’ve noticed, the red text clashes to much with the peachy background, so this is an aspect I will definitely be changing. I have been working on a more Japanese style house illustration to swap out with the current houses, which I think will look a lot better in the design. I think I also need to utilise white/negative space more, as this will help make my figures stand out better, I need to remember that I don’t need to fill up every space on my page. Overall I think the critique went okay but glad for the comments as I think I have been behind a little on producing work. In the next week coming up to my hand in, I’m going to try to balance putting time into both my final pieces (travel app/infographic) and my blog, as I have abandoned my blog posts a little bit recently.

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